Video Games Live broadcasts to kick off today

31 07 2010

The concert event known as Video Games Live will publicly air a recorded performance on Public Broadcasting Service channels in North America, starting on Saturday.

The award-winning Video Games Live began in 2002 and reportedly combines orchestras and choirs to perform music from various video games, according to a PBS press release.

A photo of the Video Games Live performance, courtesy of PBS.

This marks the first televised performance in the history of the event, and will show different music pieces from games such as God of War, Halo, Mario, and Final Fantasy, as performed by the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, according to a Video Games Live press releaseRead the rest of this entry »


Namco and Capcom announce two versus titles at Comicon

24 07 2010

Two producers from publishers Capcom and Namco Bandai officially confirmed two crossover fighting titles Saturday afternoon at the San Diego Comicon in California.

The games, officially dubbed Street Fighter x Tekken and Tekken x Street Fighter, will reportedly feature characters from the Namco series Tekken and characters from the Capcom series Street Fighter. Read the rest of this entry »

Hands-on with the Kinect: First Impressions

16 07 2010

As was announced two weeks ago via a tweet by the Microsoft Store, the Kinect motion controller for the Xbox 360 was made available to the public for demonstrations in only three states: California, Arizona and Colorado.  

The Kinect was on demo at 4 Microsoft stores in America.

As per a Microsoft press release on Thursday, the Kinect will be available for demonstrations at 32 reported locations throughout the United States beginning this weekend. For a full list of cities that are featured on the Kinect Demo Tour, visit the Microsoft announcement article page.

The Pause Button’s own IncreaseBlue was fortunate enough to test out the Microsoft Kinect controller before the tour and offer her thoughts in the post below. 

Thoughts and Impressions on the Kinect. 

When Microsoft debuted the Kinect motion controller at E3 2010 I, like many others, was skeptical about the controller’s sensitivity and responsiveness to the game player. While I was overall impressed with the Kinect controller, I wasn’t completely off-base with my suspicions either.  Read the rest of this entry »

G4 to livestream EVO gaming action

8 07 2010

The EVO 2010 Championship Series tournament will officially kick off on Friday in Las Vegas, Nevada, however, getting to see the action no longer requires that gamers travel to the tournament itself.

The G4 advertisement for the EVO livestream.

Starting tomorrow, the G4TV website, in cooperation with Stickam and Level Up, will be live streaming the matches between players in all six of the featured tournaments over the weekend. Read the rest of this entry »

Gamer opinions fly upon Playstation Plus debut

3 07 2010

The newly unveiled Playstation Plus service officially went live on the Playstation network on Wednesday and although it’s only been made available for a few days, gamers are already weighing in with their opinions on whether or not the upgrade is worth the price.

Playstation Plus is an add-on to the already free PSN service, but different in that it provides several different extras to gamers such as PSN store discounts, early access to betas and demos, and free game downloads for a subscription fee. Read the rest of this entry »