Barfights and Bizarre adventures this weekend!

13 11 2013


The drop of the newest consoles are almost upon us, but let’s not abandon our current gen so quickly! This weekend there are two events courtesy of Spiral Series and AZHP Gaming.

Spiral Series barfights 3

-The Spiral Series group will be hosting another Barfight event at the Armadillo Grill in Phoenix. 

-Games will kick off at 7 p.m. on Saturday with Street Fighter x Tekken money matches and more throughout the night.

-Free to all and observers are encouraged! For more details, check out the Spiral Series Facebook page 
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Hazbat finale and prepare for INJUSTICE!

9 04 2013

If you managed to miss out on all the fun had at last weekends’ Zapcon, there’s plenty more tournament fun to be had in the upcoming days. These events will include the season final of the Team Hazmat hazbats and the launch of the highly-anticipated fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us. Read the rest of this entry »

Troy Baker talks Resident Evil 6 with The Pause Button

2 10 2012

For those of you looking to pick up Resident Evil 6 today (if you haven’t already), check out our interview with Troy Baker during Saboten 2012 discussing his new character Jake Muller debuting in the storied franchise.

The Pause Button: How does it feel for you to come in on the heels of such a big character like Wesker? How is it specifically for you and the fans, to play such a big role in Resident Evil 6?

Troy Baker: Well I’m a gamer first, and I’ve played since Resident Evil 1 so I’ve seen the progression from Jill to Chris, Leon, Claire. So to kind of be one of those characters, it’s pretty humbling, it’s pretty cool. I love the fact that it’s a new character that I can do, that I get to help with Capcom–we sat down and spent a lot of time really creating the character. Read the rest of this entry »

It’s Finally Here! Street Fighter x Tekken Crossing into Competitions in AZ

6 03 2012

After months of hype, sneak peaks, and reality TV shows, Street Fighter x Tekken has finally made its landing (alongside Mass Effect 3) on Tuesday. While the game is still fresh off the presses and in the hands of gamers, there are a few opportunities to test newfound skills and strategies for the game in Arizona this week.

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Ranbats, Rumbles, and Absolute LAN-sanity

28 02 2012

Who knew that the break into March would be such a big one? Several local gaming groups this week are hosting tournaments and events of all kinds, and they’re getting a head start on Wednesday.

It seems like many Arizona groups are in on this one including the DEVASTATION crew, Team Hazmat, Arcade-in-a-Box, Digital Dojo, and LAN Speed Games all hosting their own respective events. Read the rest of this entry »

What Just Happened?: Syndicate and Twisted Metal Demo Impressions

7 02 2012

Every once in awhile it’s nice to take a pause from fighting games and try other things. The Pause Button’s own IncreaseBlue did just that over the weekend and dove into both The Syndicate and Twisted Metal demos over the weekend. She offers her thoughts on both below:


I need to go back to Soul Calibur V. Things were simpler there.

I dove into these demos as a way to take a break from the strategy and technical game play of Namco’s latest iteration of the Soul series, but both seemed to confuse me much more than I had expected them to. Read the rest of this entry »

Don’t Cross the Streams (actually, it’s ok if you do)

22 08 2011

The end of August has brought on no shortage of tournament action, but the last week of the month will go out with a digital bang, with most events having accompanying streams for gamers to log into and watch all the fun they’re missing out on!

AiaB's new stream looks snazzy. (courtesy AiaB channel)

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