Late-Night Button Mashing This Week in AZ

26 07 2011

This week’s events seem a bit more in tune for night owls (perfect for escaping the blistering heat of the day) and comes in the form of cinema, conventions, and pulling all-nighters.

Seriously, how do you say no to flying pandas in 3D?

Running very early in the week is the Tuesday world premiere of the CGI animated film, Tekken: Blood Vengeance. Perhaps coincidentally arranged to debut right after the U.S. release of the live action film of the same game, Blood Vengeance promises fans an action-packed, 3D-ified adventure that follows the backstory of several Tekken characters and their motivations for joining the Iron Fist tournament.

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Fight! Fight! And Answer Questions Too! (Gaming This Week in AZ)

19 07 2011

This week is filled with a nice clash of intellect as well as brawn with several tournaments and a trivia challenge peppering the valley.

[UPDATE] The DEVASTATION team pushed their Fight Night event back to August 5th instead of having it on July 22.

Spiderman has brawn and brains, just not enough combos.

Starting off the action is Cade Gallery and Old School Arcade with their monthly video game trivia on Thursday hosted by PhoenixGamer’s own Mel, the Office Gamer Girl. The trivia is set to kick off at 7 p.m. with promises mind-numbingly difficult questions about obscure video games and characters. Prizes include Bookman’s gift cards and a special Cade (swag) Bag for the winners.

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AZHP At Anime Kaigi This Weekend

12 07 2011

Local boys Arizona Hobbyists’ Paradise are back with some mass gaming and tournaments up North as a part of the Anime Kaigi convention in Flagstaff starting on Friday and ending on Sunday.

Courtesy Anime Kaigi

Anime Kaigi will take place in the du Bois Center of the Northern Arizona University and will include various anime, sci-fi, and gaming events for all attendees.

AZHP will be primarily running the gaming side of the convention, with casual setups running for various fighting games, Mario Kart, Rock Band 3, Dance Dance Revolution, and more. On the competition side of things, AZHP will be running several tournaments throughout the weekend. Read the rest of this entry »

Kombat of All Kinds This Weekend in AZ

5 07 2011

As the summer heat continues to boil, so does the gaming action this weekend, which provides a multitude of gaming opportunities to get your fight on and prove your skill.

On Friday night the Cade Gallery will be hosting their second Fight Klub event with a Mortal Kombat II tournament on their old school cabinet. The competition will kick off at 7 p.m., single elimination, with no entry fees. Prizes include gift cards and t-shirts, as well as bragging rights for the next month.

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