Gamer opinions fly upon Playstation Plus debut

3 07 2010

The newly unveiled Playstation Plus service officially went live on the Playstation network on Wednesday and although it’s only been made available for a few days, gamers are already weighing in with their opinions on whether or not the upgrade is worth the price.

Playstation Plus is an add-on to the already free PSN service, but different in that it provides several different extras to gamers such as PSN store discounts, early access to betas and demos, and free game downloads for a subscription fee.

The higher tier service is offered to PSN users in two versions: a three-month subscription for $17.99 USD or a one-year subscription for $49.99 USD. Gamers who have already invested in the new service have already started to weigh in with their complaints, praises, and suggestions.

The biggest complaints made by gamers thus far on the service is that many of the free downloadable games offered to subscribers are either older games that they have already bought or are disinterested in, and that they are only available to gamers as long as they subscribe (if their subscription discontinues or runs out, the games are no longer available to that subscriber).

WipEout HD is one of the free downloadable games for PS+ subscribers this month.

According to a article, the first free games available to U.S. Playstation Plus subscribers are WipEout HD, Age of Zombies, and Rally Cross. The lineup of free games available apparently changes with other regions and countries, as UK Playstation Plus subscribers have reported that Little Big Planet is a free game for them, and not WipEout HD.

One gamer known as Johnny commented on an forum topic discussing whether or not users will subscribe to the new service, and pointed out that overall the service was not appealing: “I won’t get it simply for the fact that there’s nothing interesting for me. I already have WipeoutHD (on blu-ray i might add), just got Infamous, don’t care about avatar or themes (i’m using a free Gran Turismo theme i found on the PSN Store), and if i want a PS1 Classics, PSP Mini or any PS3 game on the PSN Store, i’ll buy the one i want.”

One user known as david.nolan13 commented on the CVG article breaking down the new content for U.S. Plus subscribers, and while a bit worried about the differences in content made available throughout different regions, voiced his or her overall satisfaction with the service: “i thought that ps+ content was the same for all regions except the the usa get qore. yet we get destruction derby and they get rally cross. i really hope us in the uk dont get shafted with the ps1 games in the future… ….i signed up for the year and enjoyed what i got yesterday as i didnt hadnt played any of the games before except lbp.”

Writer Peter Smith of PC World voiced his opinion of Playstation Plus in an article, commenting that he was fairly dissatisfied with the service, but also made suggestions on where it could improve. Smith identified issues with the downloadable game section, suggesting that newer titles be featured in the months upcoming, and with full game demos, suggesting that changes be made with the time counters.

Playstation Plus is currently featuring a 1 hour-long demo of the 2009 game inFAMOUS to its subscribers.

In the article, Smith described that the hour-long trial period for the PS+ featured game, inFAMOUS, kept the internal clock counting regardless of game pauses or system shutdowns, so gamers are forced to play the entire hour-long trial in one sitting. “That’s dumb,” Smith wrote. “Games should conform to your schedule, not the other way around.”

With all of the different opinions flying around, one user known as okey commented on a article about the Playstation Plus pros and cons, that the service needs time to improve: “PSN plus just started ppl. they need time and feed back from ppl to enhance and shape it for the betterment of the users as time goes on there will be more content, am sure that many more games and features will come on board.”

Like any new service, Playstation Plus is still in its early stages and may or may not have much more to offer gamers in the future as far as content and such. Gamers who were on the fence about subscribing to PS+ may just hold out for a little longer to see what Sony will bring to subscribers in the future.

Playstation Plus is now available in all regions on the Playstation Network.




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