All-nighters, bootcamps and a call to tournament organizers!

24 09 2013


Fall has officially begun and tournament season is still going strong with a new set of ranbats and events for all this weekend. Read the rest of this entry »


Get your post-E3 recovery through multiple tournaments this weekend

18 06 2013


Now that the insanity of E3 has finally settled down, it’s time to get back to the important gaming that we all know and love. The likes of Fix & Play, Microsoft Gamers, and LAN Speed Games plan to carry us off out E3 euphoria with a couple of events this weekend. Read the rest of this entry »

Black Ops II action galore this week

4 12 2012

December is beginning to fill out a bit with events for gaming. Although tournaments seem to be in short supply this month, there are tons of casual opportunities to play with your fellow gamers and be merry.


Starting off is Mesa bar and grill Monsterland hosting a video game night on Wednesday. The event is 21 and above only, and will include casual play (or possibly a competition) for Black Ops II. The event will kick off at 8 p.m. and go until midnight, check out their Facebook event page for more details.

Continuing the Black Ops II trend will be Fix and Play hosting their tournament for the shooter title on Saturday. The competition will take place at their 83rd Ave. and Camelback location and start at 5 p.m.

Entry fees will likely be the same as their last tournament and cost $5. The grand prize winner will net themselves a $60 gift card to the store for some holiday spending.

December gaming freeze incoming

27 11 2012

With the final month of 2012 upon us, most of the local gaming action comes to a close as gamers are busy shopping and entertaining for the holidays. There are still a few opportunities to be had however, for that last-of-the-year competitive fix.

The Fix and Play location on 83rd Ave. and Camelback Rd. will be hosting a Black Ops II tournament this Saturday. The contest will be in a free-for-all format, with the entire thing kicking off at 5 p.m.

Entry into the tournament will run players about $5 and a grand prize of $60 in-store credit will be going to the winner. For more info, check out their official Facebook page.

Keep with us at The Pause Button for more tournament news this month!

This is It! happening this weekend!

30 10 2012

If you somehow missed our initial reports, the event commemorating Ed Farias’ departure from Arcade-in-a-Box dubbed ‘This is It!’ will be happening this weekend in Tucson.

The event will draw some of Arizona’s greatest players for several tournaments, including Latif and several other guests. If you’re unable to attend, there are still some gaming opportunities closer to Phoenix available this weekend as well. Read the rest of this entry »

LAN Speed Lock-in and Madden tournament this weekend

9 10 2012

As the Arizona temperatures cool down, tournament action is heating back up. Local venues LAN Speed Games and Fix & Play are holding some weekend gaming events for all to compete.

Starting off, LAN Speed Games is hosting their staple Lock-In/All Nighter starting at 10 a.m. on Friday, going until 8 a.m. the next day. As per usual practice, for a $20 fee, all participants will get sealed into the venue for ten hours of gaming.  Read the rest of this entry »

Street Fighter Tournament and Revelations news

26 06 2012

While EVO is just on the horizon, more Arizona groups are focused on getting in optimal practice time before it hits. Local group Based Arcade will be running a tournament for just such a purpose in Phoenix on Saturday.

The competition will take place at the Fix & Play location at 83rd and Camelback, and will include Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition (2012 ver.).

[Update: Some new EVO practice sessions have come to light all over the Valley this week. Check the full post for more details on them!]

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