This weekend: Alpha Shooter, AZHP, and Arcade ’85

27 03 2014

Looks like the newest venue on the block, Alpha Shooters, is offering a lot more to players than before, while AZHP Gaming continues their ranbats, and a golden oldie returns! Read the rest of this entry »

Summer gaming kicks off in Arizona!

28 05 2013


For those of you that missed out on Phoenix Comicon, the AZHP Gaming room competitions really felt like a true kickoff to a summer filled with tournaments to come. The cool crew at LAN Speed Games intend to keep the action going with their traditional Lock-in event at the end of the month. Read the rest of this entry »

Champion League of Legends tournament and Mash Up! start August with a bang

31 07 2012

August is generally known as one of the more painfully hot months in Arizona, but this year it will be known for some intense competition courtesy of LAN Speed Games and Button Masherz.

Coming this Sunday will be the LSG Champion League of Legends tournament at LAN Speed Games in Peoria. The competition is a follow up to their past one, except this time around the group has been backed by Riot Games with prizes along with a $500 prize pot for the winning team. Read the rest of this entry »

LAN Speed Games Lock-in and AZHP news

17 07 2012

After the doubly tiring weeks of EVO followed up with San Diego Comicon action, players are returning to their stomping grounds and getting ready for more action.

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LAN Speed Games gets Riot support for upcoming tournament

6 06 2012

The crew at LAN Speed Games have been hard at work to revamp and renew some of their events, including an upcoming League of Legends tournament that has caught the eye of some pretty important people.  Read the rest of this entry »

Gaming events galore this weekend in AZ

16 05 2012

If you’re not too busy ‘error 37’-ing it up with your buddies on Diablo III, there are tons of gaming events this weekend to hit up before the craziness that is the Phoenix Comicon is finally upon us.

Grab your controllers because this weekend is chock full of gaming opportunities.

In the interest of fitting all of these insanely cool events in one post, we’re going to put them out quick hit style (a la our friends at Lightning Octopus).

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Jam Packed Tournament May Days

8 05 2012

The month of May is the official marker of new changes, challenges, and turning on the heat in Arizona. Several different events are lined up for this weekend from the likes of DEVASTATION, Team Hazmat, and LAN Speed Games that will undoubtedly leave gamers thirsty for more.

The events start early with a tournament challenge from the DEVASTATION crew at the Bookmans Mesa location on Wednesday. Read the rest of this entry »