Street Fighter Tournament and Revelations news

26 06 2012

While EVO is just on the horizon, more Arizona groups are focused on getting in optimal practice time before it hits. Local group Based Arcade will be running a tournament for just such a purpose in Phoenix on Saturday.

The competition will take place at the Fix & Play location at 83rd and Camelback, and will include Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition (2012 ver.).

[Update: Some new EVO practice sessions have come to light all over the Valley this week. Check the full post for more details on them!]

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Summer Video Game Awesome-ness Happening This Weekend

19 06 2012

Since the Team Hazmat Hazbats have officially come to a close and EVO is just over the horizon, Arizona players are kicking into practice mode to sharpen their skills for summer competition. A couple tournaments are taking place this weekend, as well as some fun breaks from the training schedule.

Our friends at Euphoria Gaming will be representing the King of Fighters crowd with their NeoBlaze tournament at the University of Advancing Technology on Saturday.

[UPDATE: We got whiff of a couple more events from the likes of the DEVASTATION crew and Team Hazmat this weekend. Check out the fully updated post for more details!]

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Hazbat finale this weekend!

12 06 2012

If you aren’t completely exhausted from E3 last week and the MLG action over the weekend (which gave way to an awesome Mortal Kombat tournament victory by Arizona’s own KN DetroitBallin [Alex Rayis]), there’s still plenty of competition to be had at this weekend’s Hazbat season two finale.

Photo courtesy of Team Hazmat.

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LAN Speed Games gets Riot support for upcoming tournament

6 06 2012

The crew at LAN Speed Games have been hard at work to revamp and renew some of their events, including an upcoming League of Legends tournament that has caught the eye of some pretty important people.  Read the rest of this entry »

AZHP Gaming at Phoenix Comicon and future plans

1 06 2012

The local group Arcade Zone Hard Punch (AZHP) made their official debut of their revamped image at last weekends’ Phoenix Comicon. Not only did this provide AZHP Gaming with an opportunity to debut new shirts, layouts, and sponsors, but a chance to partner up with Team Hazmat to make the gaming room more unique than before.

Did you miss out on the gaming rooms? Check out our video coverage of AZHP Gaming’s official debut and interview with Haz of Team Hazmat below:

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