Show your comic book support this weekend!

30 04 2013


As a gamer (especially in the fighting game community), we get the opportunity to see a lot of comic book characters in games these days.

One of the biggest competitive games is Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Not to mention the recently released Injustice fighting game, along with the success of the Batman Arkham series, and even the upcoming Deadpool game. Indeed, video games owe quite a lot to comic books and their lore. This weekend will give gamers all around the opportunity to support the comics from whence these games came from.

This weekend is the annual Free Comic Book Day. Locations across the valley will be holding various events and of course, passing out free comics and swag. Some of the participants will include Samurai Comics, Drawn to Comics, All About Books and Comics, Jesse James Comics and tons more.

So pick up your Injustice fight sticks and “When’s Marvel?” signs and head out to your nearest comic shop to show your support!

Are you ready to carry out Operation: INJUSTICE?

16 04 2013

Well if you haven’t heard by now, the DC comic fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us finally released on Tuesday. As every gamer out there devours the title’s roster of characters vying for a main, this weekend will give you all an opportunity to test your new fighters against each other. Read the rest of this entry »

Hazbat finale and prepare for INJUSTICE!

9 04 2013

If you managed to miss out on all the fun had at last weekends’ Zapcon, there’s plenty more tournament fun to be had in the upcoming days. These events will include the season final of the Team Hazmat hazbats and the launch of the highly-anticipated fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us. Read the rest of this entry »

Barfights and Pinballs this weekend in AZ

2 04 2013


This weekend will allow local gamers to bask in retro and community gaming as Barfights and ZapCon in Phoenix kick April in proper. 

ZapCon is a retro arcade and pinball classic convention which will be held in the Renaissance Phoenix Hotel in downtown Phoenix on Saturday and Sunday. The event starts at 10 a.m. Saturday morning and will feature not only the likes of Galaga, Donkey Kong Jr., and Mrs. Pac-Man, but will also feature musical act the Minibosses and a slew of documentaries about gaming.  Read the rest of this entry »