December gaming freeze incoming

27 11 2012

With the final month of 2012 upon us, most of the local gaming action comes to a close as gamers are busy shopping and entertaining for the holidays. There are still a few opportunities to be had however, for that last-of-the-year competitive fix.

The Fix and Play location on 83rd Ave. and Camelback Rd. will be hosting a Black Ops II tournament this Saturday. The contest will be in a free-for-all format, with the entire thing kicking off at 5 p.m.

Entry into the tournament will run players about $5 and a grand prize of $60 in-store credit will be going to the winner. For more info, check out their official Facebook page.

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New Retro Rumble trailer and Thanksgiving leftovers at LAN Speed!

13 11 2012

The coveted day in which thousands of people across the nation engorge themselves on way too much food is slowly approaching. Unfortunately the holidays tend to slow down tournament action (you know, because people are too busy spending time with family—pffft!), but a there will be a couple events on the horizon for those needing a quick gaming fix.

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This Is It! bids proper farewell to Arcade-in-a-Box

6 11 2012

Over the weekend, players gathered from around the state to Tucson in order to pay their respects to Ed Farias as he bid adieu to his establishment, Arcade-in-a-Box. The arcade, proclaimed one of the last retro arcades in the city, was celebrated over the weekend in style with a massive five-tournament event.

Players new and old participated in the competitions with a sense of community and fun that made the arcade such a staple for gamers in the past. Indeed the event served as a reminder to Farias of the good times he had running Arcade-in-a-Box during its seven-year run, but also an affirmation of his decision to leave the arcade. Read the rest of this entry »