Awards and Accolades


Today marks the one year anniversary of The Pause Button. Hard to believe it’s been an entire year since this blog kicked off, but since then I have met alot of great gamers and organizations, as well as made alot of memories.

Even better to celebrate the anniversary, I was informed by a fellow gamer and blogger Andie, commonly known as EscoBlades, that he had awarded me a Stylish Blogger Award. (Thank you kindly sir!) Esco is an extremely helpful gamer/blogger and Il Mentore on all things Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood so if you get the chance, I would highly recommend checking out his site Certavi et Vici. Now allow me to show off my award and fulfill my obligations as a recipient of one:


1) Share 7 things about yourself.

2) Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers the Stylish Blogger Award.

3) Contact them and let them know.


Alright let’s kick this thing off. Things about me:

– I originally wanted to study to be a filmmaker, but I found that I wasn’t too great at it; I’m still one at heart though.

– I’ve never learned how to skateboard, but it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile.

– I’ve met and shook hands with Ray Park.

– I once attended a band’s concert in Arizona, then flew to California the next morning to watch them in concert again that night.

– I studied Tae Kwon Doe for several years but discontinued it due to school.

– I actually played a Hwoarang v. Hwoarang 5-round match against MaDDoGJiN and won. (It was a complete fluke, but it’s my claim to fame, lol).

– I initially started this blog as a class assignment, but liked it so much that I kept doing it.


Now for 15 blogs. Well I can’t quite think of that many to award, but here’s a start (will add to later once I find blogs worthy of the award):

HeyActionGames is a great video gaming news/opinion site run by aspiring web designer Scott Chambers. The opinion pieces are well worth a read and his weekly Failure Friday streams are always fun to watch.

In Gaming We Trust is another cool blog where the writing team is comprised of veteran competitive gamers with keen insights on the latest and greatest in the gaming world. They have alot of sobering opinion pieces that aren’t just rants and make me legitimately think on the point. It was founded by Copperskull and H21.


Well I’d like to officially thank all the bloggers out there and everyone who has enjoyed The Pause Button thus far! You rock!


3 responses

10 02 2011

Thank you for the great review! We are honored.

10 02 2011
Incredibly humbled | In Gaming We Trust

[…] humbled Posted on February 10, 2011 by H21 0Today we were incredibly humbled by receiving a fantastic review from The Pause Button. The site has recently enjoyed its first full year, and as part of the celebration @IncreaseBlue […]

10 02 2011

Woop woop! You rock 😀

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