This weekend: Alpha Shooter, AZHP, and Arcade ’85

27 03 2014

Looks like the newest venue on the block, Alpha Shooters, is offering a lot more to players than before, while AZHP Gaming continues their ranbats, and a golden oldie returns!

Friday – League of Legends and CoD: Black Ops II at Alpha Shooters

-It’s not known whether or not there are entry fees for either tournament, but the first prize winner could net themselves up to $200 depending on the number of competitors.

-League starts at 7 p.m., Black Ops II at 10:30 p.m.

-More details on their Facebook page here.

Saturday – AZHP Gaming CoD: Ghosts ranbats at CyberZone, Arcade ’85 rises again, and Black Ops II + DOTA 2 at Alpha Shooters

-AZHP Gaming are holding their 1.3 ranbats at the CyberZone cafe in Peoria at 12 p.m.

-$5 venue fee per person, $10 entry fee per team towards the season and tourney pot. More details on their Facebook event page.

-Thanks to our friends at Lightning Octopus, we know that a pop up arcade will be back on Saturday from 8-11 p.m. in Gilbert. More information can be found here.

-Alpha Shooters is reprising their action, but slotting in DOTA 2 at 7 p.m. instead, with a second Black Ops II tournament at 10:30 p.m that night.




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