LAN Speed Games gets Riot support for upcoming tournament

6 06 2012

The crew at LAN Speed Games have been hard at work to revamp and renew some of their events, including an upcoming League of Legends tournament that has caught the eye of some pretty important people. 

The team announced on Facebook last week that their upcoming League of Legends tournament on August 5th has received the support of the games’ developer Riot Games. This means that not only will there be a $500 prize pot for the winners, but Riot Points as well. The top four teams will see dividends of $20, $15, $10, and $5 Riot Points prizes for each player. The first place team will also get a bonus Triumphant Ryze skin for each player.

This is a major event for the LAN Speed Games crew, who have been working to make the LoL tournaments quicker and well-rounded. The August 5 tournament will require level 30 players only with runes and masteries allowed. There will be a 16-team cap, loser’s bracket, and strict 10 minute set-up time (if the team is unable to get ready in that time then they forfeit). Sign-ups are currently being accepted on the LSG official website and there is a $20 buy-in for each player on a team.

For those that want some awesome LAN action sooner on the calendar, it’s time again for one of LSG’s signature Lock-in/All-nighter events. The straight 10 hours of gaming is set to begin at 10 p.m. on June 15th for only $20 a person. Tournaments and prize giveaways are included in all the fun and sign-ups are being taken in person at the LAN Speed Games location in Peoria.




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