Vudu launches on Playstation Network

23 11 2010

The high definition video streaming service Vudu officially launched on the Playstation Network on Tuesday.

Vudu is a video renting service that streams movies in multiple definitions to the Playstation 3 console, as well as links in to Hulu Plus and Netflix subscriptions to stream television shows, according to the Playstation announcement.

According to the Vudu site, the service provides access to films the same day as they release on DVD and they currently boast a library of over 300 different film releases ranging from Iron Man 2, Grown Ups, and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Users can also reportedly get information on the movie they select from Wikipedia pages and Rotten Tomatoes ratings through the Vudu application.

One of the movie info pages from Vudu, courtesy of

Even though Vudu does not require a subscription to use it, gamers will still have to pay different prices for different qualities of video.

For movie rental, users will have to pay $3.99 USD for standard definition, $4.99 USD for high definition, or $5.99 for “HDX” which the site boasts is a top quality 1080p broadcast of the movie that has no quality loss and requires the user to download the film first (whereas the regular HD and SD rentals begin instantly). Users can also purchase and download movies in SD, HD, or “HDX” formats from Vudu for varying prices.

According to an announcement by Eric Lempel, Vice President of Network Operations for Playstation, the Vudu application will have an upcoming update in December to enhance the user interface and allow for Playstation Move support.

What do you guys think? Will you get Vudu or pass it up? Sound off in the comments section below!



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