Motion controls pay off for Microsoft and Sony

30 11 2010

Following the previous Pause Button question of whether or not gamers would shell out the money for pricey new motion controls, recent reports have pointed to the conclusion that players would indeed buy into them and quite a few at that.

Both the Kinect (left) and Move (right) made impressive sales figures this holiday season so far.

Both Sony and Microsoft announced on Tuesday that their video game motion controllers have sold millions of units since their respective launches in September and November.

The Playstation Move, launched September 17 for the Playstation 3 console has since shipped 4.1 million units to date, Sony announced. Sony officials commented in a recent Gamespot article that they would not disclose any actual sale numbers but the shipment numbers reportedly paint a positive picture since it represents the amount of units sold from the company to retailers.

The Playstation Move is an add-on accessory to the PS3 that works in conjunction with a navigation remote as well as a Playstation Eye to track movements in videogames, similarly to that of the Wii.

Microsoft also announced that their latest motion control accessory the Kinect, sold 2.5 million units since it launched on November 4. The Kinect is an add-on accessory to the Xbox 360 that tracks a players movements to control the game without having a need for a physical controller in hand (unlike the Wii and PS3 motion controls).

A majority of these retail sales are pinned on the rather successful Black Friday shopping that took place over the holiday weekend in the U.S.

According to the press release from Microsoft, they expect to sell approximately five million Kinect units by the end of the holiday season this year.




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