New Retro Rumble trailer and Thanksgiving leftovers at LAN Speed!

13 11 2012

The coveted day in which thousands of people across the nation engorge themselves on way too much food is slowly approaching. Unfortunately the holidays tend to slow down tournament action (you know, because people are too busy spending time with family—pffft!), but a there will be a couple events on the horizon for those needing a quick gaming fix.

Not to be excluded from the turkey day festivities, the crew at LAN Speed Games are hosting their usual Lock-In/All Nighter, but with a festive twist. As per normal practice, on November 23 entrants will be sealed in the venue at 10 p.m. until 8 a.m. the next day.

There are promises of tournaments, giveaways, and pizza, but the team has hinted that turkey bowling may be part of the festivities to mark the season. Potential attendees can register a week prior to the event in-store for only $20 a seat.  Check out their Facebook event page for more details.

The good folks at Retro Rumble also dropped a brand new trailer today for their upcoming third season. The trailer features all sorts of retro arcade awesomeness, along with many new and returning faces for the competition. Check out the trailer below:



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