Needlessly Reading Between Lines: A Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Review

5 04 2012

Two weeks ago, the latest installment to the Resident Evil franchise Operation Raccoon City released. The game is set in post-outbreak Raccoon City and enables the player to fulfill the role of a super elite clean-up team “WolfPack” hired by Umbrella to weed out survivors and destroy incriminating evidence. The Pause Button’s own IncreaseBlue got the chance to fully dive into the game and offers her thoughts below. Warning, there are few spoilers ahead.

"Strike a pose!"


I’ll be honest, I had high hopes for Operation Raccoon City. The thought of mercilessly taking out survivors in a zombie infested city, squashing all hope for rescue, and (most importantly) personally dispatching Leon and Claire with my own bare hands just sounded awesome. Unfortunately the game doesn’t really own up to its non-cannon ties and gets hunkered down by the existing Resident Evil storyline, as well as painful controls and other game play issues. Read the rest of this entry »


Video Game Movies: When will the GAMERS be happy?

15 03 2010

It is fairly common in cinema today to have every few new releases peppered with a film adaptation of a video game. Undoubtedly, the realm of movie adaptations of video games has quickly grown in only 20 years time, but regardless if you’re a gamer or not, the general conception about video game movies is that they suck.


High five! We Fail!

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