Kind of a ‘Meh’ Day for Helghan: A Killzone 3 Review

23 02 2011

Killzone 3 officially released on Tuesday alongside fellow first-person shooter Bulletstorm. IncreaseBlue made the tough decision but sided with the Helghast for her pick between the two. She offers her review of it below (caution, spoilers for Killzone 2):


Picking up Killzone 3 was something of a shoo-in for me. I participated in both multiplayer betas and was a big admirer of the second game in the series, so I figured that there was nowhere else to go but up for this game. Unfortunately it seems Killzone has just hit a plateau with the third title. Read the rest of this entry »


Sony E3 press conference re-cap: The Move, PSN+, and no PSP2

15 06 2010

The Sony press conference at E3 Tuesday afternoon did not yield any grand system unveilings as Nintendo or Microsoft’s did prior, but it did address rumors and showed off its latest controller.

A demonstrator utilizes the Move controller on the Move-enabled game: Sorcery.

Jack Tretton, President and CEO of Sony, lined up several demonstrations to show gamers the full extent and power of their take on the motion controller, the Move. Read the rest of this entry »