Panasonic Cancels ‘Jungle’ Gaming System

1 03 2011

Electronics company Panasonic announced on Tuesday that their massively multiplayer online handheld system called the Jungle was officially cancelled.

The project was stopped due to a reported “changes in the market and our own strategic direction” according to a press statement by the company.

The system was unveiled last October by the company and was planned to cater specifically to MMO games on the go. A Battlestar Galactica Online title was specifically featured as a part of the reveal among other things.

The cancellation of the project doesn’t appear to come off as much of a surprise to the gaming community, as many had their doubts about Panasonic re-entering the video game system market again.  Read the rest of this entry »


The NGP vs. the 3DS: which is worth your money?

8 02 2011

With the recent reveal of the successor to the Playstation Portable, the Next Generation Portable (NGP), gamers will have a big decision to make as far as handheld gaming goes in 2011.

Both the 3DS and the NGP boast some powerful specs and game lineups, but which seems truly worth your hard-earned dollars? Read the rest of this entry »

New MMO handheld system ‘Jungle’ unveiled

5 10 2010

Electronics manufacturer Panasonic launched a website this week dedicated to their forthcoming handheld video game system entitled the ‘Jungle’.

The site unveils few details, but features a video showing off the system. It appears to have a single screen and a bottom key/control board that opens up similar to the Nintendo DS. The controls include a full Qwerty keyboard, touch pad, and more to be officially announced. Read the rest of this entry »