Arcade-in-a-Box’s Ed Farias Talks Retro Rumbles and Web Series

17 02 2012

With a huge community outpouring of live streams of fighting game favorites like Marvel vs. Capcom 3, King of Fighters, Super Street Fighter IV, and the like, it’s hard to think there’s much room for anything else.

Arcade-in-a-Box’s owner Ed Farias has made a recent push for a derision from fighting game streams into something different that celebrates the old school arcade in its best form.

It’s called Retro Rumble and it’s a force to be reckoned with.

Image courtesy of Retro Rumble.

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Keith Abbott Talks Future Plans For Euphoria Gaming

24 01 2012

Keith Abbott of Euphoria Gaming

The past year has seen many local groups rise to the occasion and provide a vast array of tournaments for the Arizona gaming community. Keith Abbott, founder of Euphoria Gaming, is no different in this respect and spoke with The Pause Button on the groups’ hopes and plans for 2012.

As Euphoria Gaming plows into 2012 with their Super Marvel Madness finale on Saturday, as well as several planned free tournaments, the group has alot of potential to grow and change within the coming months.

Abbott first founded his own gaming group, Euphoria Gaming, in 2010 in an effort to support and flourish a West Valley gaming scene. He started off by hosting small tournament gatherings at a local shop called GameTag in Litchfield Park. The competitions began to receive good receptions and Abbott decided to pursue more.
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Cade Gallery Closes its Doors

20 09 2011

The folks at Cade Gallery announced on Tuesday that they would be closing their doors by the end of this week. According to a Phoenix New Times article posted today by Benjamin Leatherman, owners Nathan Ross and Weston Henry confirmed that Cade Gallery would be closing due to financial issues.

A photo from the last Video Game Trivia Night hosted at the arcade. Courtesy of Cade Gallery.

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Competition and Community: Haz of Team Hazmat Talks AZ Gaming Scene and Future Plans

11 08 2011

Part of what makes a local gaming scene great isn’t just the games played or tournaments held, but the players themselves and how they communicate and interact with each other. This is a principle that Hazem “Haz” Ibrahim and Team Hazmat has taken to heart and continued to expand on over the years they have been active in Arizona.

Courtesy of Team Hazmat.

Ibrahim founded his team initially as a way to strengthen the gaming community ties with each other. After leading a B-boy crew in Egypt for over 10 years and moving to Arizona only three years ago, Ibrahim wanted to do something different to “fill the void” from captaining a team for so long.

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U.S. Supreme Court Ruling on Proposed Videogame Ban (the breakdown)

28 06 2011

The United States Supreme Court released their decision on Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association Monday, regarding a proposed act by California to create a new regulation on videogames to minors.

The measure called for particularly violent games to be sold only to consumers 18 or older (or a minor with a parent present) and effectively issue civil fines of up to $1000 for anyone in violation of the act. The court ruled 7-2 against the act, with Justices Breyer and Thomas dissenting.

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Developers Team Up With Sony To Welcome Back Users

17 05 2011

As most gamers already know, the recently cyber-attacked Playstation Network service went live once again late on May 14. Now the company fully detailed their “Welcome Back” package on Monday for loyal North American Playstation customers whose information was compromised (among many others) in the hacking incident.

The company has guaranteed non-Playstation Plus members a free month of the top tier service and two months to existing members prior to the network shut down.

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Insight: The Importance of a Gamer Handshake

3 05 2011

With more tournaments on the horizon, The Pause Button’s own IncreaseBlue has a few words to her fellow gamers as they enter into different competitions. She offers her thoughts below:


As tournament season is starting to get into full swing I’ve noticed a rather troubling trend. With more and more harrowing matches between extremely skilled AZ players, no one is shaking hands after the match.

This seems trivial and merely a measure of politeness, but it means much more than that. A handshake in and of itself signifies a feeling of mutual respect between two people, and in video game tournaments (as well as any kind of competition) it means even more. Read the rest of this entry »