February finishers this week!

18 02 2014

February is an uber short month and nothing more than a prelude to awesome spring game releases, so to wrap it up properly we’re seeing a nice collection of gaming related events this weekend. 

LAN Speed Games Lock-in returns!

-LAN Speed Games announced that they would hold another Lock-in this Friday in its location in Peoria. For those that don’t know, lock-ins generally kick off at 10 p.m. and gamers don’t emerge from the venue until 8 a.m. the next morning.

-$20 for entry with pizza thrown in and of course, tons of gaming action through the night.

FIFA at Filmbar

-Filmbar and ODFCnews.com are banding together to host 32 players on one theater screen duke it out for soccer greatness this Sunday in Phoenix (and it’s all for charity too!).

-Player slots are filled up, but spectators are more than welcome to cheer on the competitors. There will also be a raffle for various prizes and $10-$20 can net you some raffle tickets. All proceeds will benefit the Welcome to America Project.

-The action kicks off at 10 a.m. and check out the event page for more info.




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