AZHP Gaming tourney and EVO congrats!

17 07 2013
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Now that the world’s biggest fighting game tournament of all time is finished up, gamers across the country are finding themselves aflame with new passion for competition and preparing for next year.

First off, we’d like to congratulate Wobbles, an Arizona local, who placed second overall in Super Smash Bros. Melee at EVO 2013. Another round of congrats goes to Angelic, another AZ player, who placed third in the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tournament at EVO. Both players displayed exceptional skills and sportsmanship at the event and made Arizona proud.

Finally, we at The Pause Button congratulate all Arizona participants in EVO tournaments over the weekend. Many of the states’ players performed well inside large brackets and have nowhere to go but up with their skills in the future.

That being said, most players are taking a break after the giant tournament, but players can get their competitive fix with AZHP Gaming this weekend.

The group plans to host Injustice and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tournaments at The Gaming Zone in Tempe on Saturday.

Attendees will have to pay a $2 venue fee and players will have an additional $3 per tournament that they wish to enter. Everything kicks off at 12 p.m. with prizes including a 60/30/10 pot split of entry fees for first, second, and third placers, as well as Gaming Zone giftcards in the mix. There will also be a raffle for various prizes.

For more details, check out the official Facebook event page.



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