More changes and events incoming for AZHP Gaming

26 06 2013

523966_306565739421761_902147460_nFor those of you that follow the local group AZHP Gaming, you may have noticed an increase of activity from the crew. This is due in part to several major changes being taken by the groups’ founder FrankCastleAZ. In an interview with the Pause Button last week, Frank announced that he was taking on the business of AZHP on a permanent basis, leaving his regular day job behind.

The changeover comes with a more aggressive schedule for the group, as several upcoming events with different venues have been confirmed in the last few days. Most notably, AZHP’s team up with the Microsoft Store in Scottsdale for a Call of Duty: Black Ops II tournament this Saturday.

The tournament is part of a league regularly run by the Microsoft Gamers, and will be free to enter for attendees 14 and up. The format will be 2v2 deathmatch and will begin at 2 p.m. on the 29th. All wired controllers will be used and prizes will include an assortment of goodies from AZHP sponsors. For more details, check out the events’ Facebook page.


This CoD tournament is one of many more the group has lined up for the rest of 2013. While some events are still in the process of being confirmed for AZHP, several competitions such as a couple of fighting game tournaments at the Gaming Zone and a few conventions lie on the road ahead.




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