Happy Holidays from The Pause Button!

18 12 2012

With the holidays impending, our posts will be slowing for the end of the year. Since 2012 is wrapping up, we’d like to revisit some of our best moments of the year.

Click to see more of our photos from PCC!

Click to see more of our photos from PCC!

Phoenix Comicon 2012-

Packed with tons of video game guests and best of all, convention goers, the 2012 Phoenix Comicon was as big a bash as it can get. Not only did the cosplayers bring their A-game, lots of the guests such as Mega Ran and Snubby J did too!

This is It!-

Undoubtedly one of our most favored and bittersweet moments of the year was seeing Ed Farias’ departure from his historic Arcade-in-a-Box. Dozens of players showed to display their support and further represent the Tucson gaming community.

Click to view more photos from the event!

Mash Up!- 

Mash Up! was a foray to bring big name players to Arizona. Renowned Marvel vs. Capcom 3 players Fanatiq, Knives, and Infrit all took on AZ’s best competitors, coming down to an intense matchup between home town hero Forward and visiting player AGE Fanatiq.

Akira Yamaoka brings the noise at Saboten-Con 2012-

One of the biggest composers in the video game business not only made a visit to Arizona, but absolutely brought the house down with back-to-back concerts. Accompanied by Troy Baker and Mary McGlynn, Yamaoka performed amazing renditions of songs from Silent Hill and Shadows of the Damned.

Click to see more photos of the Akira Yamaoka concerts and cosplay at Saboten Con 2012!

Well those are some of our favorite events from this year, which ones are most memorable for you?



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