Mash Up! recap

12 08 2012

The hometown kids vs. the big city players. That was the scene at this weekends’ Mash Up! event hosted by Button Masherz, which gave way to feisty competition between some of the state’s finest against major players Fanatiq, Knives, and Infrit.

The event held three separate tournaments for Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, King of Fighters XIII, and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Each competition had a cash prize for first and second players, while third place received an Evil Controllers controller.

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition had a fairly low turn out, with finals being decided between AiaB Said3s and Az Greg with Az Greg’s Vega winning him first place. King of Fighters XIII saw slightly more players involved with Haz RE-T winning first, sending Cheyne to second place. Arguably where most players were concentrated was with the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tournament.

Forward during his matches with Fanatiq for the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 finals.

Dozens of players entered in for the chance to come up against the likes of EVO UMvC3 second place winner Infrit, East Coast Throwdown 2012 champion AGE Fanatiq, and highly praised UMvC3 player AGE Knives.  The competition was dramatic, with Infrit being knocked into the losers bracket early and fully eliminated by local player FizzyCups. Knives won several streaming matches, although he did struggle against the variety of teams he went up against. He was fully eliminated halfway through the bracket.

Fanatiq was surprisingly knocked into loser’s bracket early against Forward, but he fought his way through, reset the bracket, and took first place in the final match versus Forward.

Even though the matches were entertaining, the venue itself remained largely empty of spectators and capping out at half-full at its peak. This may have been due to the $30 flat-rate fee for spectators and competitors alike, but the events’ coordinator Gio Vanni explained this was due to the event being “unable to get approved by the venue for a spectator fee.”

As far as the competitors were concerned, many appeared pleased with the event as it provided theater-style seating, large projection screens, a stage set up for monitors and consoles, along with Team Hazmat streaming everything live.

Infrit and Fanatiq hopped on the Team Hazmat stream for a bit during UMvC3 competition.

Both Knives and Fanatiq commented to The Pause Button that the Arizona players did pose tough challenges with the unique teams they ran with, which differed greatly from what the AGE players get normal practice with in SoCal. Infrit was equally as focused in competing against the local players since he has not competed out of state much other than Las Vegas for EVO.

Despite the low attendance, the event resulted in high exposure of the gaming talent and community in Arizona.

Be on the lookout for incoming videos from The Pause Button re-capping the event!



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