BREAKING: AZHP Gaming join up again with Team Hazmat for Mash Up!, Revelations, and Saboten-con

1 08 2012

FrankCastleAZ of AZHP Gaming confirmed today that his group will be teaming up again with Team Hazmat for several upcoming events in the next few weeks.

First up is the large Mash Up! event being held at the Phoenix Center for the Arts on August 11. In addition to sponsoring the event, AZHP Gaming will be staffing and providing equipment for the tournament alongside Team Hazmat streaming the action.

After Mash Up! the AZHP Gaming crew will be rejoining Team Hazmat at the Santa Monica Revelations tournament. The tournament will run from August 17 until the 19th. AZHP Gaming will provide staffing and equipment at this event as well, which boasts a total prize pot of over $50,000 and will be live streamed with the help of Team Hazmat.

Finally FrankCastleAZ confirmed that the two groups will be joining forces once again to provide a gaming room experience for the attendees of the upcoming Saboten Con. Similar to their setup at Phoenix Comicon 2012, AZHP Gaming will be hosting tournaments at the convention with Team Hazmat live streaming part of the action. Saboten Con will be held at the Glendale Renaissance Hotel on September 1-3.

Keep with The Pause Button for more details.



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