EVO 2012 Recap

10 07 2012

One of the biggest tournaments in fighting game history went down over the weekend and gave way to numerous matches that had the crowds screaming for more. Evolution 2012 took place at the Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas and crowned several new champions in the process.

Image courtesy of EVO.

Of course, Arizona players represented well with Alex Rayis (a.k.a. DetroitBallin) making it to Mortal Kombat’s semi-finals, but the finals of each game were something to be admired with the amount of skill put on display.

Soul Calibur V’s finals were decided between Shining Decopon of Japan and Shen Chan of Singapore. Decopon was lauded for maining Tira, a so-called low-tier character, and using her to fight his way out of loser’s bracket and topple Shen Chan’s Cervantes for the championship.

The team of Infiltration and Laugh went head-to-head with popularly known PR Balrog and Ricky Ortiz in the Street Fighter X Tekken finals. Infiltration and Laugh stuck to the basics with their team of Rolento and Ryu, defeating Balrog and Ortiz’s team of Rufus and Ryu to take home the gold.

Previous Mortal Kombat 9 EVO champ Perfect Legend defended his title against CDjr. CDjr’s Kabal gave Perfect Legend’s Kung Lao a bit of trouble, but Legend was able to stay above and win.

2011 Super Street Fighter IV EVO champion Fuudo claimed a new title this year with taking first in Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown. Fuudo and opposing player Shironoku went back and forth with Shun and El Blaze, but Fuudo made it out with the victory.

The last three competitions were arguably the most exciting, as the world champs for King of Fighters XIII, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition were decided.

Photo by Karaface. Courtesy of EVO.

King of Fighters XIII gave way to surprisingly intense matches between Mexico’s Bala and South Korea’s Mad KOF. Mad KOF worked his way from losers, reset the grand finals bracket, and gave Bala a crushing defeat with his Duo Lon/Chin/Kim team to capture the gold. Filipino Champ ended up taking the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tournament, but not without some audience dissension due to his usage of Phoenix throughout the competition.

The SSFIV:AE (2012 ver) finals were decided between Infiltration and Gamerbee. Gamerbee utilized Adon against Infiltration’s powerful Akuma, but was unable to come away with the win.

And for those that happened to miss out on all the action, the Evolution team has posted up several videos of grand final matches for each game on their official website.




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