BREAKING: DESERTBASH 2012 event cancelled

23 05 2012

The folks running the charity LAN party known as DESERTBASH announced yesterday that this years event would be cancelled and tickets refunded to all who registered.

The event, which we reported on earlier this year, was reeling from an apparent performance problem in 2011 when many of the attendees suffered from poor internet connections that hampered games. This very reason was blamed for the cancellation of the 2012 event, as the coordinators deemed they were “simply unable to bring adequate and affordable high speed internet to that venue” and “cannot in good conscience throw a bad event for the sake of having one.” 

As for those who already registered, the event coordinators have promised full refunds on all registrations that were submitted. It was also stressed in the announcement that this is not the conclusion of DESERTBASH for good, simply a delay until 2013 when the crew can find a more suitable venue.

The coordinators also announced a LAN event that they will be co-sponsoring with RIGG in Chandler on July 28. For full details, read the entire announcement on the DESERTBASH website.




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