AZHP Revamps Their Game

6 05 2012

Local gaming crew AZHP are undergoing major changes in the coming months, and all of them are hype. Initially delayed from debuting their new look in the beginning of the year, AZHP confirmed with The Pause Button that a revamped AZHP Gaming site would go live on Wednesday.

The new AZHP logo, courtesy of Aquared and AZHP.

The new website is just one of the few makeover pieces the group is undergoing. No longer will they be known as Arizona Hobbyists Paradise, but as Arcade Zone Hard Punch. Group founder FrankCastleAZ explained that the name change was significant for the future of the team.

“Just by having the Arizona in the name we were limiting ourselves [regionally],” said Frank in an earlier interview. “And we want the chance to get bigger and better… …we’re still going to have in AZ the name so we’re not changing completely who we are, just opening up to different stuff.”

Frank explained that he strove to retain the AZHP initials as loyalty to the local community, but changing the meaning of each to become a bit more universal and allow for easier transition into out-of-state events.

The new website look, set to go live on Wednesday.

That’s not all of the changes the group has in store. Several partnership deals between AZHP and crews such as Aquared, Team Hazmat, and others to be announced in the coming weeks, according to Frank. This sponsorship is aligned for funding and advertisement purposes at the different events that AZHP will cover in the future. This means that attendees to AZHP run events will not only see more advertising postcards and banners, but potentially better prizes for tournaments (including some awesome trophies).

The group plans to run their biggest gaming room yet at the upcoming Phoenix Comicon. Frank of AZHP disclosed that the group will hook up several arcade cabinets and even have Team Hazmat stream all of their fighting game tournaments throughout the weekend. This will also be the opportunity for the group to “go all in” and publicly debut their new logo (officially debuted on Saturday), shirts, banners, and even have a documentary on them filmed.

AZHP Gaming will have both a 4,500 and 1,500 square foot room available for game programming at Phoenix Comicon 2012, with one room dedicated to the music and rhythm games, while the bigger one will be where a majority of the action will take place. The bigger room will have a similar layout to the previous 2011 PCC event (as shown in the video above).

So what does this mean for players and con-goers?

“You’ll see new banners, t-shirts, our new logo, some flyers,” said Frank. “But we’re still going to do our best to make things awesome for the players and to make the gaming rooms awesome.” 

To see the new website in action, check out the new AZHP gaming website when it goes live on Wednesday at




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