Finale Friday!

13 04 2012

The absolute 8-bit blast known as The Retro Rumble finished off its second season today. Once the pixelated dust cleared, who was left standing?

The finale, initially delayed by a week, came to a close with the unfortunately anti-climactic Tetris-like Klax as the final game for contestants to play. With newcomer Jeremy Harnage secure in third, it was down to returning season one champ Aaron Holley and new challenger Marvin Norton for the Retro Rumble crown.

Both players were separated by a mere two points before going into the final round, but Marvin emerged on top with Jeremy taking second and Aaron falling in third for the match. Holley proposed that the players try a different game to decide the positions, but Norton smartly declined. The final standings were left with Marvin Norton at 27 points, Aaron Holley at 21, and Jeremy Harnage at 8 points respectively.

Although this season of Rumble might not have ended with a bang, plans for the third season are underway for a debut in summer.

And if the Rumble has put you in the mood for some competition, the DEVASTATION crew will be hosting a Modern Warfare 3 tournament at Centerfolds Cabaret on Sunday. The tournament will be free to enter and begins at 2 p.m. For more information, check out their official event page.



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