Euphoria and Retro Rumbles This Weekend

3 04 2012

This week is a bit short and sweet on events but none the less awesome. Euphoria Gaming and Arcade-in-a-Box will both have big bouts going down over the weekend.

[UPDATE: Ed Farias of Arcade-in-a-Box confirmed today that the season finale is going to be held off for a week and will not be airing on Friday the 6th as we initially posted. We apologize for the confusion.]

Arcade-in-a-Box will see their web series Retro Rumble finale on Friday (update, Friday the 13 instead of the 6th) where the competition will be decided by one last unknown game. Prior season champ Aaron Holley has fallen to second place with a two point deficit to Marvin Norton, and Jeremy Harnage has securely claimed his place in third.

Players can see the finale on the Retro Rumble Youtube channel, as well as sign up to participate in a retro league or contests the crew is holding in their new website.

Euphoria Gaming will be holding it down this weekend with their Blazblue Continuum Shift: EXTEND and King of Fighters XIII tournament on Saturday at the University of Advancing Technology. The tournament will be double elimination and casuals will begin at 2 p.m. with the competition kicking off at 4 p.m. There are no entry fees and first through third placers will receive Amazon gift cards in varying amounts.

There will also be raffle for a copy of Blazblue Continuum Shift: EXTEND with tickets costing only $5 each. Anomaly Arcade Sticks will also be present to do stick mods if need be at the event. For more info, check out the Euphoria Gaming official event page.



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