Arcade-in-a-Box’s Ed Farias Talks Retro Rumbles and Web Series

17 02 2012

With a huge community outpouring of live streams of fighting game favorites like Marvel vs. Capcom 3, King of Fighters, Super Street Fighter IV, and the like, it’s hard to think there’s much room for anything else.

Arcade-in-a-Box’s owner Ed Farias has made a recent push for a derision from fighting game streams into something different that celebrates the old school arcade in its best form.

It’s called Retro Rumble and it’s a force to be reckoned with.

Image courtesy of Retro Rumble.

The web series features three players who duke it out in random retro arcade games with one champion coming out on top, and all others left in pixilated dust.

The show is a brain child of Ed Farias and his colleagues James Jefferies and Aaron Holley, who wanted to hearken back to their old school gaming loves and change up the pace from their regular fighting game streams and events.

“It really just came from us doing our regular MAME challenges and fun stuff like that,” said Farias in a Wednesday interview with The Pause Button. “Whenever the arcade was closed or things were slow we’d just get together and play old games and just have fun with it.”

Retro Rumble season one players and crowd members. Image courtesy of Retro Rumble.

This is indeed the spirit of Retro Rumble, as the players involved talk friendly trash to each other, hype up whenever their opponents step to the plate, and win nothing except bragging rights. The games are never predetermined, so players are forced to do their best on the spot in one shot. It very much embodies the coin-op camaraderie many remember before the days of online play.

Farias commented that the reception from fans has been thus far positive despite the fact that the show breaks away from their normal fighting game streams and events.

“Probably 99.9 percent of the feedback is really good,” said Farias, expanding to say even the interests of the folks at Kotaku were interested by the show. “Everyone seems to really enjoy it.. …and we’re looking for ways to involve the audience a bit more in the future.”

The first season of the web show is complete, with a single-session competition broken down into approximately six minute segments full of fun editing and entertaining gameplay. The second season has already been filmed and is slated to debut on March 2nd. Farias told the Pause Button that a live show of Retro Rumble on February 20th is scheduled for viewers to “get a fuller idea of all the fun nonsense that goes on.”

This doesn’t mark the end of the fighting game side of Arcade-in-a-Box however, as the emergence of their secondary Hold Your Own series is beginning to take a foothold on the AiaB Youtube channel.


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