Keith Abbott Talks Future Plans For Euphoria Gaming

24 01 2012

Keith Abbott of Euphoria Gaming

The past year has seen many local groups rise to the occasion and provide a vast array of tournaments for the Arizona gaming community. Keith Abbott, founder of Euphoria Gaming, is no different in this respect and spoke with The Pause Button on the groups’ hopes and plans for 2012.

As Euphoria Gaming plows into 2012 with their Super Marvel Madness finale on Saturday, as well as several planned free tournaments, the group has alot of potential to grow and change within the coming months.

Abbott first founded his own gaming group, Euphoria Gaming, in 2010 in an effort to support and flourish a West Valley gaming scene. He started off by hosting small tournament gatherings at a local shop called GameTag in Litchfield Park. The competitions began to receive good receptions and Abbott decided to pursue more.


After running multiple small tournaments in games such as Capcom vs. SNK 2 and the like, Abbott decided to officially name his group Euphoria Gaming and move on to running slightly larger events in different venues. Unfortunately, due to the closing of GameTag within a year, Abbott was forced to re-examine his plans and adjust his strategy.

“It was hard,” said Abbott in a Saturday interview. “Because the West Valley didn’t really have any place to go to other than GameTag and once it closed it was alot harder to find a spot to hold stuff at.”

Hazem Ibrahim of Team Hazmat (left) and Keith Abbott of Euphoria Gaming (right) working at a competition. Photo courtesy of Keith Abbott.

The group took a temporary hiatus as Abbott changed plans. Euphoria re-emerged more so in 2011 with hosting several tournaments such as the Bloodlines and Arcana Blaze series of competitions held at various venues such as Gotham City Comics and LAN Speed Games. Abbott cited the support from local gaming groups such as Team Hazmat, as well as the venues, helped fuel his plans for more competitions.

“My purpose is to help AZ gaming and grow the scene and welcome new players,” said Abbott. “I want to grow the scene and get alot of stuff going in the state for upcoming games.”

Abbott and Euphoria Gaming are definitely not alone in this aspect, as the group has received much support from other local gaming groups. Abbott mentioned that the new year will hopefully see the birth of an official Euphoria Gaming website, logo, and bigger and more varied events.

Euphoria’s next event will be the finale to their Super Marvel Madness series on Saturday at the University of Advancing Technology, where they will be joined with Team Hazmat. Following that, the group has plans to host numerous free tournaments for Soul Calibur V, King of Fighters XIII, and Blazblue CS: Extend.

For more information, follow Euphoria Gaming on Facebook for event information, as well as keep an eye on The Pause Button for posts on upcoming events.




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