December Kick Off: What Will You Play to Keep Warm?

6 12 2011

Although this winter in Arizona seems to have hit particularly hard in only a few days, the season is upon us and force many a gamer to make the difficult choice of either going out in the cold to do stuff or stay inside and keep warm next to that video game console.

"Alright guys, we win this match and I'll buy the first round of hot cocoa. Deal?"

Many will likely choose the latter, as the Pause Button’s own IncreaseBlue has opted for in this chilly weather. She’s gotten the chance to peruse some of winter’s biggest titles and offers her thoughts below on what might entertain during those harshly cold days.


Not that I’ve had bucketloads of time or anything, but I have managed to sample some of the big titles for this holiday season and the pickings are pretty good so far.

Assassin’s Creed Revelations-

Unfortunately Assassin’s Creed Revelations seems to follow more closely to the Uncharted formula in that it’s pretty much the same as AC: Brotherhood, except this time you notice it a whole lot more this time around. You follow Ezio around once again as he attempts to chase Altair’s ghost and unveil his secrets, all the while Desmond is left to try and not be driven insane (because you know, we’re playing in his head after all).

ACR makes only a few game changes like the hookblade, but these won’t throw anyone off who was used to even ACII’s controls. The story is ok and the multiplayer is challenging, but if you’re not in it for stabbing your friends online, you can easily finish this game in a weekend. Rent it first.

"I told you not to eat the last gingersnap!"

Batman: Arkham City-

Hey it’s not exactly brand new, but it’s still on tons of Christmas lists I can tell you. Arkham City pits Batman himself in a large baddie-filled metropolis that he has to find Joker in. The story is about as long as Arkham Asylum (can take up to a weekend) but the side missions and stories prove far enough material to take up weeks if you pace yourself.

The gameplay is solid and the story introduces some villains we missed out on the first time around (any Penguin fans out there?), so it proves a strong experience all around. Buy it if you loved Asylum, rent it if you just want to entertain yourself running around as the Dark Knight.

Saints Row: The Third-

If you think this is weird, you ain't seen nothing yet!

Even if you’re not a follower of the previous games, Saints Row has likely piqued your interest at some point in time with its viral marketing and focus on the absolute silliest concepts ever to find in a game.

Indeed Saints Row 3 plays out like GTAIV and AdultSwim put through a blender, but the insanity that is the result is extremely entertaining. The main story revolves around the commercialized “Third Street Saints” gang trying to regain their street cred in the most ridiculous of ways. Chances are you’ve heard of some of the wacky side missions so I won’t give anything else away, but this game is designed to make you laugh like an immature 13-year-old and keep playing for a few solid weeks. Rent it if you’re curious on the experience, but buy it if you thought GTAIV was just too serious.

As I said, I’ve only sampled a small bit of the huge blockbusters out there (I don’t yet have adequate life force in me to subsequently be sucked out by Skyrim) but it’s a solid list for any who have passed up some releases and need some games to preoccupy them during the holiday times. That being said, what have you guys been playing to keep warm this winter? Let us know in the comments below!



2 responses

6 12 2011
Scott Chambers (@Scoooorn)

All these hot fights in Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 will keep me warm all winter long.

6 12 2011

We say that depends entirely on the team that you use. lol! Thanks for the comment!

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