Black Friday: Forget Shopping, Get to Gaming!

22 11 2011

With the impending Black Friday there are tons of sales available for gamers this year to pick up the latest titles. But if you’re in no mood to shop at the crack of dawn after the holiday, then there’s plenty of gaming opportunities for you to take on instead.

Gamers don't sit and eat their turkey, we step on it in the middle of a battle!

LAN Speed Games is hosting their regular All-Nighter/Lock-in event Friday night. The event was pushed back from its previous date last week due to server issues, but they still plan to offer up the same insane 10 hours of gaming from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. Early registration costs $17.50 to reserve a seat and $20 the day of. For more info, check out their official event page (and their new snazzy site look!).

Following up is Team Hazmat with their run of casuals Saturday night. Team founder Haz is bringing back a touch of the old school with nothing but free play at the team’s hangout starting at 5 p.m.. The battles will be streamed of course, but there will be no entry fees. Anyone who participates is highly encouraged to bring their own arcade sticks and/or setups if they can. For more information, check out their official Facebook event page.

We wish our readers a safe and happy holiday from us at The Pause Button!




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