DEVASTATION: A Few Words With Jedirobb

5 10 2011

DEVASTATION is only a few days away and the event is loaded and ready to go. The Pause Button got the chance to talk to the event coordinator Robb Chiarini (aka Jedirobb), and get some details, as well as thoughts on the upcoming tournament.

Courtesy of DEVASTATION.

The event is set to officially begin on Friday October 7th and continue through Sunday at the Phoenix Convention Center. A multitude of competitions will be held for numerous first-person shooter, fighting, sports, rhythm, and strategy games throughout the weekend.

DEVASTATION recently suffered the loss of Team Sp00ky due to the alleged confiscation of their equipment by Homeland Security. Chiarini confirmed that there are three other stream broadcasters lined up for the convention including LevelUp and local boys Team Haz-mat to run the fighting game shows, with Beyond Gaming to cover the PC side of the competitions. They will broadcast on three separate channels through TwitchTV/DEVEVENT, TwitchTV/DEVASTATIONEVENT, and TwitchTV/BeyondGaming. according to the official event website.

For those more in the mood to shop than game, there will be dozens of vendors at the event including Microsoft, Best Buy, Hori, MadCatz, Broken Tier, Evil Controllers, Aqua Red and more will be occupying part of the 60,000 sq. ft. allotted to the convention space.

The event has been running full steam these past few weeks, not only dealing with various snags, but also announcing more tournaments as the date draws closer. On Monday it was announced via the official DEVASTATION Twitter account that a League of Legends exhibition tournament would be taking place on Sunday during the convention.

The addition comes as no surprise, as the event has been packed with multitudes of competitions for all genres of gaming, even more generalized programming such as cosplay and Rock, Paper, Scissors contests.

Event director Robb Chiarini reacted to the criticism of the gaming community that DEVASTATION was spreading itself too thin or catering more so to the casual gaming community.

“For me, it’s a soluble point,” said Chiarini. “You can keep putting more and more into fighting games [for tournaments] and not get any sweeter.” Chiarini went on to say that he believed they were well-concentrated on the fighting game and other tournaments, and that the casual events were meant to open the convention more so to all players.

With all of the things planned for the event, it would seem that DEVASTATION has grown by leaps and bounds since last year. Chiarini commented that he’s anxious for the tournament start, but for the future of it as well.

“I’d like to really distinguish ourselves,” said Chiarini. “I want the chance to be like ‘Hey! This is what this is, it isn’t just some tournament held in a hotel.’ I want to solidify our position in the calendar so when people look at what they want to do they go: ‘I’m going to this tournament, this one, this one, and then DEVASTATION.’”

Tickets and registration for DEVASTATION are still available and can also be purchased the day of the event, but certain time constraints may bar potential competitors from joining in any brackets. Check the official event website for more details.



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