Cade Gallery Closes its Doors

20 09 2011

The folks at Cade Gallery announced on Tuesday that they would be closing their doors by the end of this week. According to a Phoenix New Times article posted today by Benjamin Leatherman, owners Nathan Ross and Weston Henry confirmed that Cade Gallery would be closing due to financial issues.

A photo from the last Video Game Trivia Night hosted at the arcade. Courtesy of Cade Gallery.

Nathan Ross confirmed with The Pause Button that they have already begun to move games out of the facility as of Monday night and will be officially closed by the end of the month.

The Gallery’s official Facebook page disclosed that they will have some pop-up events planned for the future. “Imagine having a mortal kombat competition in a spooky abandoned warehouse!” the post reads.

Ross also tweeted that the Cade Gallery online store will be revamped and continue running after the physical location closes.

We at The Pause Button would just like to express our great dismay to see such a great arcade close its doors. We also thank Nathan and Weston for opening and hosting a retro arcade like Cade that allowed for quarter plays to live on and high scores be our bragging rights. We wish you both the best and hope to see you again in the future.




One response

22 09 2011

Indeed, a very sad day. Too bad that such events happen.

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