IncreaseBlue’s Phoenix Comicon Re-cap

31 05 2011

The 2011 Phoenix Comicon took place over the weekend at the Phoenix Convention Center. The event included many geek and pop culture stars such as George Takei, Leonard Nimoy, Vic Mignogna, and many others.

Among the many different anime, geek, comic, sci-fi and steam punk-themed festivities, there were also numerous video game tournaments and panels to be had at the convention. The Pause Button’s own IncreaseBlue attended and covered the event, she offers her thoughts on the event below.


The first thing that comes to mind when recalling the 2011 Phoenix Comicon was the sheer size of the event. According to the official Phoenix Comicon Twitter, just over 23,000 people attended the event over the course of four days.

Hundreds of different events took place within the con including concerts, panels, demonstrations, fashion shows, film fests, and videogame tournaments. Just trying to recall all of it makes me a bit dizzy, so I’ll narrow it down to the biggest highlights for me at the event.

The exhibitor hall was split into nine massive rows allowing for more breathing room to travel from booth to booth.

Logistics and Space-

Sure it sounds boring, but it’s really the heart of what made this convention noteworthy. The amount of time to register was dramatically reduced from last year and media members were given better access than in years’ past, which was much appreciated.

The space was tremendously bigger, making the long loops through the crowded Exhibitor’s Room or convention center hallways much easier to deal with. While the con remained an extremely crowded event, the larger space was an absolute plus. Everything just ran smoother, which allowed for attendees to enjoy everything else.


It seems that even the convention attendees had an extra spring in their step this year. Every cosplayer I requested to take photos was accommodating, booth exhibitors were cordial, and for the most part, people were vastly more friendly and polite when inevitably bumped into in the crowded areas.


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