DEVASTATION Brings MvC3 Tournament to Gotham City

22 03 2011

The DEVASTATION team announced via their Facebook page on Monday that they would be hosting a Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tournament at of Gotham City Comics in Mesa.

Image courtesy of Gotham City Comics.

The event is set to take place on April 9. Lost Bot Productions and the DEVASTATION crew will be operating a 64-player bracket tournament with no entry fees and Gotham City Comics giftcards as prizes for the top players.

The tournament is set for double elimination, Xbox 360 format, and registration begins at 2 p.m. No characters have been barred as of yet and the crew is requesting that participants bring their own controllers or fight sticks to keep things running smoothly.

Prizes include a $50 Gotham City Comics gift card for first place, $30 gift card for second place, $15 gift card for third place, and $5 gift cards to fourth through eighth place winners.

Gotham City Comics is located at 46 W. Main Street in Mesa.



One response

22 03 2011

Sounds awesome. I will try to make it there for sure.

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