Insight: IncreaseBlue’s HD Remake Wishlist

1 02 2011

Upon the recent unveiling of HD screens for both Prince of Persia and Splinter Cell high-definition remakes, as well as the announcement of Oddworld: Abe’s Odysee to get the same treatment, The Pause Button’s own IncreaseBlue thought there should be a few more games worthy of a remake. She offers her HD remake wish list below:

Final Fantasy VIII-

Say what you want Final Fantasy 7 fans, but Final Fantasy VIII created a great experience for me. Released in 1999, FFVIII was full of assassination plots, love triangles, tests of friendship, and in-game models that appeared to be taller than four-foot-two.

The storyline could borderline on soap opera a bit (what FF title doesn’t nowadays?) but it was full of great mechanics and refined game play that allowed you to explore every inch of the map in a sweet looking airship. Upping the graphics with this game would do it justice and likely make it a very enjoyable epic to play through again.


When Bayonetta came out, I couldn’t help but start thinking about Bloodrayne, a game I hadn’t thought of in years, and what ever happened to it.

Nevermind the second flop of a game and terrible Uwe Boll adaptation. Bloodrayne in itself was a bloody mess of fun on the original Xbox in 2002.

Running around as the vampire hybrid Rayne and dismembering enemies with deadly wrist gun/switchblades (as well as her more “personal” attacks) would be made even better with a high-definition makeover.

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver-

Originally debuting on the Playstation One in 1999, Legacy of Kain was an action/adventure game that revolved around the character Raziel on his path to revenge on Kain. This game was extraordinary with its plane switching elements and balanced mixture of third-person hack-and-slash with puzzles.

Even though this classic was recently released on the Playstation Network, the creatures and settings alone make it worthy of a full HD overhaul.

Shenmue I & II-

After stumbling upon a Facebook group entitled “We want Shenmue 1 and 2 remake with yakuza engine” I really started to wonder why 1999’s Shenmue wasn’t at the top of the list for remakes. Despite the cries of many fans, the developers at Sega have been unable (or unwilling) to do more with the series except a piecemeal cell phone game that was recently announced.

The company has expressed openness for creating a third game provided they get financial backing from one of the console makers, but it still seems a bit of a far reach. Arguably the idea of remaking Shenmue with Yakuza assets is the best solution, as many of the facets of the Yakuza series were birthed from Shenmue (day/night changeovers, weather effects, arcades, etc.).

Creating HD remakes of the Shenmue games would likely satisfy fans and give other gamers a chance to experience the title that created so many groundbreaking elements for videogames to come.

What do you guys think? Are there other games out there that you feel are worthy of the HD treatment? Or maybe you think some games shouldn’t be remade? Comment below and tell us what you think!




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11 02 2013

FF8 is one of the best Final Fantasy and FF5 too, but nobody know it…

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