DEVASTATION team to run MvC3 midnight release event

25 01 2011

The team members behind the massive multi-game tournament event, DEVASTATION, will be running a midnight release event for the upcoming tag-team fighting game Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds in February.


The DEVASTATION team are gearing up to celebrate the latest MvC installment.

DEVASTATION, along with Best Buy and Lost Bot Productions, will be hosting a pre-release event at a Best Buy store located at 13711 West Bell Road in Surprise on February 14th. Festivities and games will start at 5 p.m. and will go all the way to the stroke of midnight when attendees can purchase or pick up preorders of the game.

According to a press release from DEVASTATION coordinators, there will be several Xbox 360s running Marvel vs. Capcom 3 during the event for challenges, competition, and pick-up matches before the game officially releases. Prize giveaways will also be conducted throughout the evening.

As an added incentive, the DEVASTATION officials are offering a “reward” to any attendee that cancels a preorder for MvC 3 made through a different retailer and preorders through Best Buy (provided that the initial preorder was made before January 14th and the attendee has the preorder receipt).

Anyone interested in attending the midnight release are encouraged to RSVP at the official Facebook page for the event.



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