All Points Bulletin to see new life in 2011

4 01 2011

The sadly disappointing open-world faction vs. faction title APB: All Points Bulletin may soon be reincarnated next month in the form of a closed beta for gamers to take another crack at.

The official Twitter page for APB: Reloaded announced that details on how gamers can apply for the closed beta will be released sometime this week, with the beta planned to occur in February.

All Points Bulletin was an massive multiplayer online game designed for the personal computer that released on June 6, 2010 to negative reviews and few subscribers. In it players could side with criminals or law enforcers and engage in battles over territory, as well as other side missions.

APB’s reception was so critically poor that the game’s servers shut down a mere three months after the title’s release and the creative studio behind the project, Realtime Worlds, closed shortly thereafter.

The game and all of its intellectual properties have since been bought by K2 Network, which operates primarily in Free2Play online games via its portal of The company recently announced via official Twitter and blog pages that APB will see new life re-titled as APB: Reloaded and will have a closed beta in February.

The Chief Technology Officer and Chief Operating Officer at K2 Network, Bjorn Book-Larson, confirmed in an official APB: Reloaded blog post that the company has been working on revamping the game and servers long enough to know when they will host the beta.

“…we now have enough clarity to at least make an initial prediction of when we will launch Closed Beta.” Writes Book-Larson in the blog. “Right now it looks like sometime in late February if everything goes exactly according to plan…. ….CB [sic] will likely start sometime in February.”

Book-Larson went on to say that the developers wish to ensure that there is new game clients and network to adequately handle the traffic and make game play smooth, as well as several other updates. Book-Larson plans to keep updating blog with new information as the game moves along in development stages.

The news is a decidedly bright spot in the somewhat murky fate of the game, but time will only tell if APB needs only a new developer at the reigns to be a good title, or will merely a bad game with a fresh coat of paint.




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24 01 2011

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