AZHP gives a double dose of gaming in a single weekend

30 12 2010

In addition to running tournaments and gaming at the 2011 Taiyou Con, Arizona Hobbyists Paradise will be present at the upcoming Amazing Arizona Comic Convention during the same weekend in Mesa.

The Amazing Arizona Comic Convention is a convention run by Jay Company Comics and will take place at the Mesa Convention Center on January 8 and 9 in 2011.

The group Arizona Hobbyists Paradise is an Arizona community-centric group that hosts gaming rooms and tournaments regularly in comic and anime conventions (for more information about AZHP, see previous Pause Button post).

In a candid interview on Thursday the founder of AZHP, commonly known as FrankCastleAZ, confirmed with The Pause Button that the group would be present at the Amazing Arizona Comic Convention for casual gaming. Frank commented that AZHP would not be running any big tournaments officially apart of the convention’s schedule, but would have a large gaming setup running multiple games and consoles.

Some games that will be run at the event will be Call of Duty: Black Ops, Super Street Fighter IV, Halo: Reach and more. Frank also mentioned that the group would bring tournament edition fight sticks, so despite any official tournaments, the air of friendly competition will be present with the AZHP setup.

The Amazing Arizona Comic Convention will be held at the Mesa Convention Center located at 263 North Center Street. Registration passes are currently being offered on the convention’s website at $25 for a two-day weekend pass and $15 for a single Sunday pass.  For more information about AZHP events, visit their newly updated website.




One response

30 12 2010
Jimmy Jay

We’re thrilled to have frankCastleAZ and Arizona Hobbyists Paradise at the AMAZING ARIZONA COMIC CON. The AZHP has a sterling reputation in giving the fans exactly what they want and more, and it’s been a pleasure working with Frank!

Can’t wait to see you January 8th and 9th at the very FIRST Comic Con of 2011!

Jimmy S. Jay…
Twitter: @AmazingComicCon @JimmySJay

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