IncreaseBlue’s most memorable moments in 2010 games (CAUTION: SPOILERS AHEAD)

21 12 2010

Several video games in 2010 gave players refreshing takes on old formulas as well as completely new game play mechanics and stories. The Pause Button’s own IncreaseBlue gave a small list below of which games offered the most memorable moments of the year. (Caution, there are a few spoilers for some games included in this article).


Alan Wake (Xbox 360) – The words come alive

Being a videogame that takes a lot from Stephen King novels, Alan Wake was interesting in its own right with its simplistic plays on fear of darkness and lofty plot. One of the literal elements the game utilized was Alan’s own words comprising the environment he has written in an end sequence. Alan walks among free floating words that morph into the objects they name, literally creating the world he is in like a twisted and creepy lesson of Hooked on Phonics. While there wasn’t anything particularly scary or action-packed, it was extremely memorable and stuck out in my mind. I mean really, you may see certain game play facets in dozens of titles over, but how likely is it that you will see THIS kind of sequence again?

Runner-up moment in this game – Barry and Alan fight off Taken on the Anderson stage

God of War III (PS3) – Blinding Poseidon

God of War III is arguably the king of quick time event game play and has become famous for its many command-inputting sequences. However, the brutal beating of Poseidon comes with a rather surprising play off of the physical location of the Playstation controller buttons. During this painful scene, players are instructed to click in both the left and right analog sticks, which would generally make players push downward with both thumbs side by side (unless you hold your controller differently). This button input results in Krato’s driving both thumbs into Poseidon’s eyes. Most QTEs usually trigger a jump, dodge, or slash in God of War games, but few will ever compare to replicating the action itself like this moment did.

Runner-up moment in this game – Putting an end to the extremely annoying Hermes

(Caution, the video below contains graphic violence.)

Battlefield Bad Company 2 (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) – Hearing the scalar weapon sounding

Not since Silent Hill’s iconic tornado siren has a simple noise been able to worry me so much about what’s coming. Battlefield: Bad Company 2’s “scalar” weapon is preceded by loud and ominous foghorn-like sound that demands all who hears it to quiver in fear; probably because right after it sounds it’s generally followed by some cataclysmic and death-inducing event. The scalar noise is memorable due to it’s scariness and ability to make the player just a bit uneasy about what‘s ahead of them (and surprisingly enough, this sound became the driving force of the Inception soundtrack later in the year–just kidding).

Runner-up moment in this game – Avoiding freezing to death in the mountains

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood (PC, Xbox 360, PS3) – Becoming a Master of Assassins

The direct sequel to Assassin’s Creed II, Brotherhood introduced several new game play elements to the series. One new addition was the ability to recruit and send out your own assassins on contracts and assignments for money. This translated into the actual story mode as Ezio could summon fellow assassins to take out a target of interest or help in fights. Nothing empowers a player more than whistling a signal and sitting back to watch as your underlings take care of business for you.

Runner-up moment in this game – Discovering Cesare Rodrigo’s “familiar” relationship with his sister

Heavy Rain (PS3) – The bear challenge

This PS3 exclusive came to plate with amazing graphics and story-telling, but many disliked the fact that it was a game entirely comprised of quick-time events. However you look at it, the game did well to communicate Ethan Mars’ plight in trying to save his son through challenges the kidnapper has given him. Ethan takes the Bear challenge and has to drive his car through opposite traffic and survive. The sequence that followed was a perfect utilization of the often unused Sixaxis motion controls, making the sequence memorable because the player was actually “driving” the car instead of only inputting commands.

Runner-up moment in this game – Taking the lizard challenge



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