New MMO handheld system ‘Jungle’ unveiled

5 10 2010

Electronics manufacturer Panasonic launched a website this week dedicated to their forthcoming handheld video game system entitled the ‘Jungle’.

The site unveils few details, but features a video showing off the system. It appears to have a single screen and a bottom key/control board that opens up similar to the Nintendo DS. The controls include a full Qwerty keyboard, touch pad, and more to be officially announced.

The Jungle’s primary focus is aimed at massively multiplayer online gaming and a Battlestar Galactica Online title was also shown to be featured on the system, as well as other new content being created by “leading online game developers,” according to the website manifesto.

No further details are available regarding pricing, release date, or other features of the system at this time. However, the Jungle site has a sign-up for newsletters available for those who wish to receive news about the handheld system in the coming months, as well as official Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Also shown off on the site was a promotional show called “Online Underground” which is being done in partnership with The show contains animated characters from the Jungle advertisement giving the latest news of online gaming, along with comedic commentary. Watch the first episode below:




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