Tokyo Game Show announcement roundup

20 09 2010

The Tokyo Game Show officially wrapped on Sunday in Chiba, Japan, after pouring out a slew of announcements for upcoming games which sparked the interests of gamers across the globe.

The Tokyo Game Show is a yearly video game expo where developers, publishers, and various other members of the video game industry show off their latest games, software, and technology for the Japanese market. While there were many games exhibited at the show, there were a select few that grabbed the attention of the worldwide gaming audience.


The fifth installment in the highly-acclaimed Devil May Cry series was officially announced by Capcom, dubbed DmC. The released trailer shows a noticeably younger Dante as the main protagonist, sporting short silver-and-black hair, new weaponry, and new moves.  DmC will be developed by Ninja Theory Limited.

No official release date was announced at TGS for DmC, but fans are already weighing in with their opinions of Dante’s new look and what the story could potentially be for the game. Watch the teaser trailer below:

Ico and Shadow of Colossus

New hi-resolution screens for the PS3 Ico remake.

Sony Entertainment officially confirmed that both Ico and Shadow of the Colossus would be remade for the Playstation 3 in high-definition and sold on one blu-ray game disc coming early next year.

Ico originally released in 2001 for the Playstation 2, is a third-person action/puzzle game that follows the story of a young boy with horns as he attempts to save a princess from being used by an evil queen. Produced by Team Ico, the game was highly-praised by critics and gamers alike and received several game of the year nominations in 2001.
Shadow of the Colossus originally released in the U.S. in 2005 for the Playstation 2 and is an action/adventure game that is considered the spiritual successor to Ico. Also produced by Team Ico, the game follows a young boy named Wander who must find and kill 16 Colossi in order to restore life to a young girl. The game was also well-received by critics, garnering outstanding reviews and awards for best design.

The Last Guardian

Following up the announcement of past Team Ico games, more details and a new trailer for their upcoming third title The Last Guardian, were given at TGS.

The trailer for the Last Guardian shows a young boy who befriends a large dog-like creature (reminiscent of the luck dragon from Neverending Story) and together they fight enemies and solve puzzles. The video displays top-par graphics alongside an uplifting score. Little else about the game was unveiled as far as the story, but the release date was confirmed for Holiday 2011. Watch the trailer below:

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Also announced at TGS 2010 was another addition to the Tekken series, Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Namco Bandai showed off the trailer for the second Tag game at the event in conjunction with a Twitter announcement made by Tekken team producer, Katsuhiro Harada.

The trailer shows what seems to be primarily Tekken 6 game play with the added ability to tag in another character to string combos against opposing players. The original Tekken Tag Tournament was released in 2000 on the Playstation 2, and was considered the best installment of the series at the time. Watch the teaser trailer below:

Asura’s Wrath

Announced by Capcom, the trailer for the upcoming PS3 and Xbox 360 action game Asura’s Wrath was released at TGS. Very few details were given at TGS, but from the roughly translated Capcom site for the game, the plot will follow how the main character will overcome the inner anger that controls them and use it to their advantage.

The trailer shows off a single protagonist, run through with spears, as he fights his way through an entire army of creatures and faces off against an ultimate attack by one of his enemies. No official release date has been given for Asura’s Wrath. Watch the trailer below:

Dead Rising 2: Case West

Another game from Capcom, Dead Rising 2: Case West, is the second digital installment revolving around the disc release of Dead Rising 2. Case West will reportedly be a downloadable sequel to Dead Rising 2 that follows the characters of Frank West (the protagonist of the first Dead Rising) and Chuck Greene (the protagonist of Dead Rising 2) as they team up against hordes of zombies.

No official release date was announced for Case West but it will likely be released following the September 28 release of Dead Rising 2. Case West will reportedly only be released for Xbox 360. Watch the teaser trailer below:



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