Tekken film adaptation hits stores, game producer comments

10 08 2010

As the Tekken live-action film adaptation finally released on DVD and Blu-ray on Tuesday in Japan, one producer of the Tekken game series has already distanced himself from the movie via Twitter.

Characters such as Bryan Fury (left) and Sergei Dragunov (right) from the Tekken series face-off in the film adaptation.

   Japanese producer on the Tekken video game team, Katsuhiro Harada, addressed questions about the film from his followers on Monday and Tuesday through his English Twitter feed.  

When a follower asked about a certain character’s motivation and action in the film (omitted due to spoilers), Harada responded: “ That Hollywood movie is terrible. We were not able to supervise that movie(It was cruel contract) I’m not interested in that mv.” 

Yoshimitsu is also featured as a fighter in the Tekken movie.

 When Twitter followers Sean W. Ramsey and Mark Hammond asked if Harada would be able to “prevent such future disaster.” (of future Tekken films) or have a hand in creating a REAL Tekken movie???” Harada replied: “Please don’t ask me about that movie. We did not have the supervision right. I don’t want talk about that.”  

According to the live-action film credits, it would appear that no one from Namco Bandai Games or the Tekken team took part in the film. Only Namco Bandai is credited for the name and rights.    

Followers are still reportedly asking about the movie, but Harada has yet to comment further in his English twitter feed.  
The live-action Tekken film features several characters from varying points in the games’ chronology, as well as alterations to the game canon. The main story follows Jin Kazama as he fights his way out of a slum called ‘Anvil’ to kill Heihachi Mishima and avenge the death of his mother.  

The film stars John Foo, Ian Anthony Dale, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, and Kelly Overton and is directed by Dwight Little. It is produced by Crystal Sky Pictures which, according to their website, also has an upcoming Castlevania adaptation currently in production.   

The Tekken film is currently available for purchase through online retailers such as yesasia.com and CDJapan.




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11 08 2010

A very interesting read.

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