DEVASTATION: Day 3 (The Finals)

20 06 2010

The grand finals for the DEVASTATION event began Sunday afternoon at the Phoenix Convention Center with the biggest and best players reserved for last, as they battled each other for the first place gold medals in their respective games.

Large bleacher seating was pulled out for attendees to watch the finals in true competition style.

The room’s setup changed to accompany the grandiose nature of the finals, as many of the casual setups and booths were taken out, and full stadium style bleachers extended out for attendees to watch the last matches of the event on the dual projection screens.

Finals action kicked off on the live stream with Super Smash Brothers Brawl as a gamer known as Mew2King came away victorious using the Meta Knight character against his opponent Havok, who used the Solid Snake character.

Mew2King largely dominated the matches, but Havok certainly put up a good challenge during the finals.

Gamer EGMarn placed first in three tournaments at the event: Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, Super Street Fighter 4, and Guilty Gear.

Right after that was the Tatsunoko vs. Capcom tournament finals, which proved a player known as EGMarn the victor over other top TvC player, Royal Flush.

Both tiers of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 were battled out soon after the TvC finals, with gamer MikeJonesJackson placing first and K.Beast placing second in the lower tier finals. It was a hard fought day for K.Beast, as he had placed third in the TvC tournament just minutes prior to the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 finals.

The “normal” tier finals pitted gamers Ruin and Showstopper against each other, with Ruin emerging victorious straightaway. DEVASTATION’s own Rob Chiarini participated in the normal tier tournament, but was knocked out of the loser’s bracket prior to the finals.

Immediately following up MvC2 was the BlazBlue grand finals, which showed intense battles between Tubazo1989 and Geminemi using Arakune and Carl Clover respectively, with Tubazo1989 capturing the first place medal.

Gamer Tubazo smiles excitedly after his first place win in the BlazBlue finals.

The Street Fighter HD Remix finals whet the appetites of attendees and live stream viewers for the main event Super Street Fighter 4 finals, with brutal matches between a gamer known as DGV and another known as Stiff Peter. DGV went on to take first place in the SF HD Remix tournament.

Soul Caliber 4 tournament finals also got the crowd going as gamer Thugish Pond stopped No Face Killer to net first place. Tekken 6 didn’t slow the action down either as gamers Nin and Holeman fought to the last bit of their character’s health bars, with Nin coming out on top, according to the DEVASTATION twitter feed.

To finish the evening off was the grand finals of the Super Street Fighter 4 tournament. Gamers such as EGMarn, Calipower, Filipino Champ, and Juicebox battled it out before it all came down to EGMarn and Calipower for the fight for first place. EGMarn managed to remain on top and won his third gold medal of the event (as he placed first in the Guilty Gear tournament as well).

The Pause Button caught up with the tournament coordinator Rob Chiarini and he commented that upon such a great reception this year for DEVASTATION, he does have plans to host the event again in 2011.

Be on the lookout for a video recap from The Pause Button covering all three intense, insane, and incredible days of gaming that took place at DEVASTATION 2010.




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