18 06 2010

The multi-game tournament event DEVASTATION kicked off competition Friday morning at the Phoenix Convention Center in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. 

Two large dual screens projected different game matches throughout the day.

The event opened up to attendees with casual setups for Halo 3, Tekken 6, Super Street Fighter 4, BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, and Soul Caliber 4, before starting off late-morning tournaments for King of Fighters XII and Tekken Tag Tournament. 

A large stage was set up for the live stream commentators as well as a gaming setup that would project the current tournament matches straight onto the live stream and dual projection screens in the room. 

The King of Fighters tournament concluded with a competitor known as Prinny taking first place, followed up by Drekko in second, and Paint BallinRN taking third. The Tekken Tag Tournament finals were won by a gamer known as Holeman, with Nin taking second place, according to the DEVASTATION Twitter feed. 

BlazBlue matches for the winners bracket were projected to on the big screens.

The BlazBlue tournament created more hype as the winner’s bracket showed off some stiff competition, with the winner’s finals being saved for Sunday and a gamer known as Tubazo1989 primed to compete in them. The finals for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom as well were being saved for Sunday’s final event.

As of writing this post, the Street Fighter HD Remix and Killer Instinct tournaments were well under way. 

Many of the tournament games were available for casual play, as well as old school games such as Sonic, Duck Hunt, and Mortal Kombat II. Other large computer setups were present for casual play with games such as Counter Strike and Borderlands. 

Multiple setups for tournament games were available for casual play, giving some competitors the opportunity to get some warm-up and practice rounds in.

Other tournaments such as Tekken 6, Super Street Fighter 4, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Modern Warfare 2, DJ Hero, Guitar Hero 5, Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Soul Caliber 4, and Madden NFL 10 will take place on Saturday as well. 

Much of the action was commentated by DjWHEAT and several guest commentators as the different matches were live streamed onto the DEVASTATION website. The live stream will continue all the way through the finals on Sunday. 

Be sure to check back on The Pause Button for video recaps of DEVASTATION following the finals on Sunday.



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