Nintendo E3 conference recap: 3DS and Oldschool Gaming

15 06 2010

The Nintendo press briefing that took place Tuesday morning at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles offered up many plays on old game memories and the unveiling of Nintendo’s next big handheld jump.

Satoru Iwata holds up the new 3DS.

The biggest focal point of the conference was the unveiling of the 3D gaming handheld system, the Nintendo 3DS. Presented by Satoru Iwata, President and CEO of Nintendo, the 3DS shows off a new analog stick, 3.5 inch top screen display, two cameras apparently capable of taking 3D pictures, motion sensors, gyroscope, and of course, 3D graphical output.

Iwata talked of the new Kid Icarus title (previously known as Project Sora) for the 3DS.

Iwata and Nintendo stressed that the new system would deliver 3D imaging without a need for 3D glasses, and that a player can adjust the amount of 3D output on the handheld itself.

While no official release date was announced at the briefing, considering the fact that they had multiple working models of the handheld being demoed at the event, it is presumed that the handheld will be released within a year. There was no mention from Nintendo representatives of how much the unit would cost either.

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword was also demonstrated at the conference, with the Wii controls more focused on defensive and offensive sword and shield movement.

There were also hints as to which third-party developers would be involved with the 3DS in the future such as Konami with a possible Metal Gear title and Capcom with a new Resident Evil game, but one confirmed game for the 3DS will be Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Nintendo also showed off several Wii exclusive titles at the conference that would use or incorporate older characters and were slated for release within a year.

The games included Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (2011), Donkey Kong Country Returns (2011), Metroid: Other M (releasing August 31), Disney Epic Mickey (2011), New Kirby’s Epic Yarn (Fall 2010), Just Dance 2 (2011), Mario Sports Mix (2011), and a new 007: Goldeneye title (Holiday 2010).

The new 007: Goldeneye title appears very reminiscent of the original N64 title both in graphics and gameplay.

Also shown off were two new DS titles Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (Holiday 2010) and Dragonquest 9 (to be released July 11).

To watch the Nintendo E3 conference, visit the GameTrailers website. All photos in the above post are courtesy of the livestream of the event.




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