Microsoft E3 presentation recap: 360 Slim and Kinect Controller

14 06 2010


The Microsoft press briefing at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles for E3 Monday afternoon delivered many things that gamers expected and a few surprises.

Mattrick unveils the 360 slim model.

Foremost in the announcements made at the briefing was the unveiling of the newly redesigned Xbox 360. Presented by Don Mattrick, senior Vice President of Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft, the new system casing is similar to the old model except painted completely black with a noticeable bend in the middle to create an almost bowtie-like shape overall.

The new system comes with the long-awaited hard drive upgrade of 250 gigabytes and built in Wi-fi receiving at 802.11gb speeds (same as the Playstation 3) for the same $299 price tag as the older model.

Mattrick announced that the system is already being shipped to stores as of today, and will be available to consumers by the end of the week (those who were present at the briefing would be receiving complimentary new 360 models upon their return home).

An image of the redesigned system had been leaked hours before the conference in an advertisement on an Italian gaming website, before being quickly pulled down, according to an article on

Several demonstrations were shown off for the Kinect motion controller and included games such as Kinect Sports (Left) Forza (Middle) and Kinectimals (Right)

Representatives from Microsoft also showed off the Kinect motion control system (known previously as the Natal) operating on multiple games, including a new version of Forza coming out in 2011.

The presentation included a live demonstration of the physical racing with the motion controls, as well as a flashy display of seeing the ins and outs of an in-game Ferrari, using the motion controller as a way to examine the car, inside and out.

Halo Reach showed off some campaign mode gameplay at the conference.

Also shown off at the briefing was premiere footage of Metal Gear Solid Rising, footage of the campaign mode on Halo: Reach and footage of the third installment of the Gears of War series; all of which will be Xbox 360 exclusives in the coming months.

Gamer Reaction

Some gamers have already expressed their disappointment in Microsoft’s conference, as many feel there was nothing shown that they didn’t already know about, or that the things shown off were lacking.

One Youtube user known as Cr8ive Arts voiced his opinion of the E3 conference on his channel and stated that he felt that Microsoft had few things to discuss and focused too much on the Kinect controller during the conference. He went on to state that the Kinetic demonstration looked “too scripted” and awkward for responsiveness to the player.  

Another user known as Kokorilink88 commented on an IGN wrap-up article on the conference that the games shown off at the briefing were not new or surprising and those for the Kinetic did not impress: “…all the NEW(not known about) games revealed were for Kinect, and either looked bad, or a ripoff of what has been done, or both. 360 had a chance to wow with Kinect, and instead we got games that were blatant wii and eyetoy ripoffs, with better resolution.”

Some other viewers of the conference were a bit more optimistic, as one user on Gamespot known as gsplst commented on the streaming video of the briefing: “Kinect didn’t look impressive but very promising. Just imagine the potential of that thing with such games as Tekken!”

As for the slim 360, even more questions surround on whether or not the system will have the same hardware problems of the previous model, but gamers will not find out until the system hits store shelves later this week.

To watch the entire conference stream, go to the gametrailers website. All photos in the above post are courtesy of this livestream.



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14 06 2010
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Microsoft E3 presentation recap: 360 Slim and Kinect Controller…

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14 06 2010

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